Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last mention of the "C" word!

I am the first to admit that I am a little strange!  Every year I break my neck to get my Christmas cards out in the post on the 1st December.  I adore my photo cards and I take a lot of time to find the right one for me and get the shots of the kids done and sent off for printing.

Anyway - once my cards are gone, the received cards start arriving and over the last few years I have always played the game of guess who is sending the card by the handwriting (see I am strange!!) and then read the card, and put it with the other cards strung between the door frame on the sitting room.  This year I took the string down, and tried to put the cards up on the Radiator cover, but the kids kept knocking them down, and the garlands were on the fireplace so that didn't work either!  My DH never got to see the cards either as they were put high up on the string, so he really never noticed who sent us cards or what they said.  So this year, I gathered up all the cards, got the kids to punch them with the 2 hole punch and made up two very plain corrugated cardboard covers so that when I got a moment I could decorate them.  

The book sat (eeek! with no lovely decorated cover!) on our coffee table and everyone looked at it, the kids  had great fun punching the cards when they arrived and were able to file them away in the book, DH actually got to look and read the cards, and I had a joy of not having to pick them up every day when the kids knocked them over!!  Works for us!

Just after Christmas I found this post from one of my favorite blogs!  They had these lovely downloadable covers for storing Christmas cards.  So pop over and download them if you feel like storing your card like this for next year, or even taking all the cards you got this year and keeping them safe for posterity!

Normal crafty service will resume next week! LOL, storing up all the projects now!

Thanks for popping bye!


Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Great idea Michelle! I especially love the fact the children are involved - my two love punching and cutting!

May said...

Thanks Michelle, this is a fab idea, Hugs May x

trisha too said...

FUN! I do like a good link, thank you!