Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slow blogger.....

I am the slow blogger - I know, there are loads of things I want to share, but time and inclination are not on my side.  We had a really bad week, another dose of the vomiting bug for the 2 small girls and another chest infection that has been treated with 2 anti-biotics but still lingering.  These issues on their own are hard but add into the mix a so loved family cat who was just failing in front of your eyes.

My precious cat, nearly 10 yrs old had to be put down this week.  Ozzy was my cat, she was lost at a few days old with her eyes closed, and rescued by my uncles dogs who kept her warm until they came home from work.  Ozzy came to me with cat flu,  not able to feed and a swollen mouth.  The vet said that she will die and to take her home and do the best I could.  Well she survived by being wrapped in fleece, carried around in my pocket or my top and kept warm and fed every 2 hours by syringe.

She was a lovely pet, very much the home bird, hated going into a cattery, only wanted to stay here and we always had to get someone to look after her.  Life is different, no flashes of black scooting down the stairs in front of you, and a huge tug at your heart when you see the empty space where food bowls lived for years.  I am heartbroken, but know that I did the right thing, her quality of life was declining daily, and having her put down was a kind act (I hope!)

Right - (wallow over!)....  These are a couple of cards that I made recently.  Just thinking that my blog is becoming a card blog and mainly I am a scrapbooker, which is what really makes me happy.  So must make sure I get more time to scrapbook!

 I had a bunch of birthday cards to make - so I started with this design using Melissa Frances Papers and then ended up with the one below as the final version of the card.  I loved the last one, and really like the others.

Thanks for looking!  Michelle


janine said...

So sorry to hear about the vomiting spells, chest infection, and having to make one of the hardest decisions ever of putting down a family pet. Although I know it's a really hard place to be in your mind, you did do the right thing. I know the feelings of what you're going through, as I had to put down my dog of 14 years---a couple of years ago. Sometimes it still feels like it was just yesterday that my lovely dog (Sadie) was curled up, in her usual position, sleeping by my feet. I know we don't think about it--if ever at all--but it is one of the biggest responsibilities we take on when we bring an animal into our homes and into our hearts---that we put what is the right thing for our furry friends above being selfish and not wanting to let go. Hugs to you and your family. xo

Claireliz said...

So sorry to hear about you cat. Beautiful cards. (((hugs)))
C xx

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

So sorry about your cat - pets are such a part of our lives. Beautiful colours in the cards.

viv said...

Sorry to read about you illnesses and your poor cat. ours is not quite as old as yours but I would do exactly the same as you if she started failing. I will hate to do it and will be so sad to lose her she is part of our family

Elisa said...

I am sorry about Ozzy, she was beautiful. Hope your little ones are better. Love your cards, colour is what gets me first, and you have an eye for it.
And yes, scrapbooking makes me happy too. And photography when I can get the thing in focus!

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Beautiful cards Michelle. Love the colours, ruffles and pins. Did Marlen make the pins?