Monday, January 9, 2012

Nearly finished with Christmas!!! - Promise...

I really hated putting away some of my Christmas decorations this year, I really enjoyed having the garlands with lights on the fireplaces and the teal and white theme I picked for this year.

Here are some of the photos of it all just before it came down....

Fireplace Garland in dining room

Front Room Garland

White Ameryllis - fab!

No name cards - so I made up these little flowers with name for the table on Christmas day.

I made a lot of sweets, cookies and cakes for Christmas, but by far the most popular was the Chocolate Marshmallows for Christmas Eve.  3 Marshmallows stuck on a stick, then dipped in chocolate and then drizzled with white and red chocolate and sugar sprinkles.  All wrapped up and ready to be enjoyed just before bed on Christmas Eve.

I have 1 more Christmas related project to show you and then I promise I won' mention the C word again till November!!!


sutty said...

LOL about not mentioning the C word - I love the decorations and all those garlands...and the marshmallows look delicious - my kids would love to make those!

TrĂ­ona said...

Everything looks wonderful. I adore teal, it's my favourite colour, would never have thought of it with Christmas in mind, but it really works.

May said...

I am so glad you have posted your pics, in a word STUNNING,your colour choice worked so well,decorations beautiful, love those marshmallow's. Hugs May x x