Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whew - so glad it's over and back to normal!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but OMG it's so much hard work!  Shopping, cleaning, baking, wrapping, lists, planning and cleaning up - Seriously, it's a good thing it only comes around once a year!

We had a lovely Christmas eve at my mums house opening presents, and home to just put some Reindeer feed out and cookies too, and then the hard work started with prepping veg and getting ready for the big day.  Santa came and was really good the girls - it was a bit of a worry if he would come as the Portable North Pole video said that the girls had not made it to the good list just yet.

We hosted a little present opening for my DH's family, 20 people for a little mulled wine and appetizers, and then we waited and had dinner later on.

From St. Stephens day on were were all sick - sore throats, coughs and sinus infections and we trundled off the the doctors, and 3 of us on anti-biotics, so the bit between Christmas and New Year were spent quietly.

I am sick of Christmas now, the house was de-christmased on New Years day and the tree not long after, and it's nice to have my normal house back now, and it's all clean and light.  Here are some of the last projects I wanted to share.

My Ribbon Reel Tree was picked up by Crate Paper Blog and I waited patiently for it to be shown, but in the end they didn't use it.  Made from Crate Paper Peppermint Collection and some empty ribbon reels.

While I was taking the photos above, this little man was sitting under the tree just waiting to be told off for being there!  Cute or what!

This card was made ages ago, but again held off as I it was for Making Memories blog, and I had to wait to see if it got used before I showed it.

I have not even looked at any Christmas photos I took, not bee out to take any or even try and edit any I have waiting to be finished - I've been that sick that all I did was sit on the couch every night and try and get over this dose.  

So finally - here is our Christmas card, I took the photos of the girls and found a template that I liked and Viola - a family Christmas card!!!  I loved it this year and will have to work hard to get something good for next year.

Happy New Year to you all and I am looking forward to finding some inspiration in 2012.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

some cracking work there. sorry to hear you have been unwell. hope you are all on the mend now

valc said...

Great seeing your ribbon tree finished Michelle. It turned out great
Val x