Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Piles of Thank You cards

Since Christmas our house has seen - 3 chest infections, a sinus infection, 2 throat infections, 2 vomiting bugs and a chest infection.  We have had 4 lots of antibiotics and one child is still sick!  Needless to say I am so over this sickness and crafting was the last thing on my mind.  The first full weekend of the new year we ventured to our holiday home and I packed a craft bag, with really good intentions, but when the fire is lit and the house is warm and cosy, sometimes I fall asleep and no crafting gets done.

This time, the little one was not sleeping well with the end of her cough, so she woke a ridiculous o'clock one morning and I spent 3 hours keeping her amused in the kitchen to stop the noise from traveling to the sleeping family.  In an effort to let her play a little I took out my craft bag and while she ruined my stamp pads, wrecked my scissors and cut my papers up into confetti, I managed to make this card - and then a few more of the same design.

All products are Papertrey Ink and I just adore this card.  Simple to make, and I think I would be happy to receive a card like it.  PTI have some new stamp pads and from the first few uses, I like them and have the rest of the collection in my virtual shopping bag for when I can justify the expense of more crafty spending.  I did make 8 of these cards so I think that it counts towards using up the stash mountain, and saving money too!

I had the stamps out and made this card up too, it's a bit more grown up and it started off as a Birthday card but didn't look cheery enough for me so I finished it and made a different card that I will share soon.

As the kids were sick, and I had some family and other stuff going on I fell behind in my Crafty Bloggers DT work, but I am working hard to catch up and get back ahead of the challenges.  I uploaded 2 tonight and will share them when I can.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will try and get back early next week.... I think I might be featured on Melissa Francis blog some time soon too!  Yah!


sutty said...

Beautiful cards - love the stamps and all the ink colours - you can definitely justify some more - and let us know when your feature is too :)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wonderful card. I'm really getting into PaperTray Ink products. I like your Christmas card mini album. I think I will do the same. It is a nice way to display them. Thanks for sharing.

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Hi Michelle, lovely cards and am amazed you can get time for crafty things at all!

fatmonica said...

These cards are beautiful.And what a gorgeous photo of your cat-a lovely memory.

smithmark said...

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